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Obama Cares

OBAMA CARES by Renee Matthews Jackson


 By Renee Matthews Jackson


* Dark child of distant ancestors do come

Awaken all the people that are sleep

Prepare the way with loudly pounded drum

Make no promise to us you cannot keep

Instead allow your leadership to grow

Into the hearts of those who fend you well

And share with you our need to have a go

Of what this nation must weigh and curtail

And we will stand in lines to give our vote

For greater than one person we promote


* Young one do not hold fear as your platform

Like those who are so bound and declare war

And look on betterment as now the norm

Erase the evils that held us before

Commit yourself to do the next right thing

Do speak and walk with dignity as lead

And watch the transformation that it brings

For you’ve been thrown into the midst of need

In honor hold your head to heights of peace

Today show us that there is an increase


* We know that you look to the future state

Where all are equal and with outstretched arms

Forgiving past behaviors of Black hate

We ask that God will keep you from great harm

Then, you with honest calm will lead the way

Where citizens unite with alms of joy

Like Jericho, the walls a crumbled fray

And round about swept up each wicked ploy

Where each one blends right in, with colored hue

For seasons have their sway in what to do


* Dear soldier, hands of healing set your pace

Engulf this country, yes, stir up the Earth

And let the sun of morning pique your face

Revive us with your portion of rebirth

Enlist to all the ears that will entreat

With words that do not candy nor do coat

That’s seen in glaze of eyes whene’er we meet

And proudly we will wear the badge of wrote

But speak the plainest truth one can behold

What transpires just now has been foretold


* How proud you’ve made so many of themselves

By standing as a man should always do

And when we see the year two-thousand twelve

We will repeat, and vote for you then too

For this new age dictates a different skit

And some will never fully understand

So keep on Brother never call it quits

             For you have forces with you in this land

Your causes have to make a shift in tone

And know that you will never be alone *



(C) Renee Matthews Jackson (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED) 2012

(C) iforcolor.org


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