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She is… ( Who Am I )

She is… by Aki’a Damone Lashon Hodges 
She is…
She is… 
The White sheep of the Black flock
Ostracized, ridiculed – damaged
yet not broken 
Smiling she embraces the world
Finding joy in the sorrows of tomorrow
She is the victim – or is she the survivor?
Damaged goods – you could say
There came a day four wall if ice
Encased the flesh of her heart – something
She still pretends beats in a chest that remains 
Mama – Mama – Silence is mama’s only reply 
She is damaged not broken
Forever standing tall in the light of God
Father of Creation – Father to my Salvation
She bleeds tears of sorrow that reflect the Black depths of her frozen heart
Yet – here – right here – in this moment
She remains trapped
By the promises of yesterdays and the uncertainties of tomorrow
She is… 

Aki’a Damone Lashon Hodges 

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