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“Sorry” Memory 2017

“Sorry” Memory 2017
               by Lisa Kaelen


“Sorry” Memory 2017

I’m sorry that a Congressman was shot.


 I’m sorry other people got shot at that baseball practice.


  I’m sorry that Trayvon Martin was shot.


   I’m sorry that those Amish schoolchildren were shot.


    I’m sorry that Gabby Giffords was shot.


     I’m sorry that the Aurora theater victims were shot.


      I’m sorry the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary were shot.


I am sorry those kids at Columbine got shot.


 I’m sorry everyone at the Pulse got shot.


  I’m sorry that Congress voted to allow mentally ill people guns.


                          I am sorry my neighbors got shot and killed.


     I am sorry that man in the car who told the cop he was carrying legally got shot.


I am sorry Black men are at risk of getting shot every single day.


 I am sorry the governing bodies don’t see fit to keep domestic abusers from owning guns.


  I’m sorry that the NRA means more to Republicans than anyone’s child.


                           I’m sorry that Congress didn’t extend the assault rifle ban.


    I’m sorry that you can get a gun while on the no-fly list. I’m sorry that you can take a gun into a bar.


     I’m sorry that people would rather send their thoughts and prayers instead of actually doing something.


       I am sorry our Congress is gutless to pass any meaningful gun control.


I’m sorry people think the writers of the bill of rights were thinking about automatic weapons when they wrote the second amendment.


I’m sorry that we are all so desensitized to violence in our country that everyone’s first question is, who did the perpetrator vote for?


    I’m sorry that there is such a stigma regarding mental health.


                  Until we actually make changes, all any of us are ever going to be is sorry.


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(c) Lisa Kaelen 



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