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Let the Winds of Change Push You Sweetly Into Yourself


by Arthur T. Wilson


Let the winds of change push you sweetly into yourself not remaking yourself, but discovering yourself anew, unbowed,

the self already present without panic or judgments turned askew against you let the winds of change embrace your heart to protect you from further bellowing maelstroms of someone else’s effete and desperate lies cradle your inner voice fiercely and remember early flesh seedling times when your own mother said to you, “nothing is ever impossible to overcome,

The devil is a liar, and God reigns in you” Let the winds of change Remove your soul’s alarm from any free lading fear

Until your tears only gush to celebrate change Like warm spring rains giving wisdom briefings to a new season of roots pushing to reawaken let the winds of change push you sweetly into yourself, for in our world of willful complacency social justice still needs a bold trumpeter, a home, a voice, a warrior a steadfast uncompromising love, where the winds of change push us all into loud uncontested prayers and action to feed out children a history worth living under star gaze moon, or rising sun.


*This poem was conceived prior to the

Trayvon Martin Verdict ~

Arthur Theodore Wilson

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