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Choose|Chose by Mary Seymour

Mary Seymour





i chose to believe whatever i chose to believe

I choose not to care what you think about this poem interesting? For feelings are me. This totally unique member of humankind

chosen to be on this planet for one second at this time don’t want to rhyme i choose to choose to use this time as wisely as wise

i chose not to blame my parents, husband, children or grandchild for what I will or will not achieve in life.

i choose to see the beauty in everything that is beautiful determined by my standard and not others

not others

i choose to get excited and smile when music takes over for one moment I choose to be proud of Black Skin and Kinky Hair

I choose to embrace the history of my ancestors with love and respect

I choose to liberate what I chose from the layers of conditioning that has been imposed on choosing.

i choose to be the a educated Black woman understanding the complexity of my blackness.

when I choose I chose not to impress just write what’s right for me.

i choose to love the energy of honest love

i choose to write and write until I write the chosen truths in my soul

maybe the first step I choose to believe. 



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