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shoot * by Renee Matthews Jackson

On a daily basis I clash with discontent bent to circumvent the dissent of irrelevance and arrogant pretenders. Big spenders who dictate to irate poverty-invoked binge benders sending messages camped out on grounds that pound drums of maltreatment in a society that retreats when the streets fill with loosed truth. I must confess that I am less angry at those who may need mouthwash in the onslaught of human microphones gone too long without a voice. My choice to choose to march with them looms from flashbacks of yesterday for fear of a blighted society that my children and grandchildren may have to be aligned with.

I sit in dismay each day at the disarray of falsehood and misunderstood laborers who labor in vain and go insane trying to make sense of all the nonsense and I wonder when good recompense will be sent the way of the righteous.

Cursing won’t reduce profane management nor exchange the reign of terror on our youth. Not even the voting booth gives solace to those soldiers still fighting in wars that have killed scores
and maimed the other half of those drafted by duty not when the spoil and booty is oil
and there is recoil from what the people truly need.

Greed is of
great significance
and relevance is merely romance
in every beleaguered stance of circumstance
I tire under unlit fires of justice
when politicians say;
“trust us”
we must separate the real
from that which is pathetically false
and emphatically count our losses
tossed in the torn fabric of a world gone mad.

It is sad to watch continuously
but as things may incomprehensively
be woven with threads of simplicity
I know not where they begin
or end in this trend of insanity
Therefore, I close the door to hope
dangle a rope from the highest beam
and dream of suicide in denied compromise
to the wise and listen with an open mind
to try at best to find answers to questions
I have yet to ask
because bringing people to task
who wield power
causes the scouring of nothing
and I already embrace bad taste
wasted in the scheme of things
things that people tend to say

© Renee MatthewsJackson. – iforcolor/DRS – All rights reserved

Renee Matthews-Jackson, was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She made her Theatre debut in 1987 in Joseph Walker’s classic, The River Niger at the world famous, Karamu House Performing Arts Theatre. Ms. Jackson’s credits include: From The Mississippi Delta, Zooman and The Sign, Fires In The Mirror, The Waiting Room, and countless more. Renee was in the 2004 – 2005 production of Jar The Floor , at Karamu. She directed Steal Away by Ramona King in October of 2005, at East Cleveland Theatre, In February 2006 she was seen in Sorrows and Rejoicings by Athol Fugard at The Brooks Theatre in the Cleveland Play House, an Ensemble Theatre production, and in Jungle Book as a cast member for The Cleveland Play House Youth Production. Her most recent perfromances was with an ensemble cast at Karmau in the World Premiere, A Colored Funeral by Gregory Carr and Ensemble Theatre’s production of Dividing the Estate.


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