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A Delicious Family!

A Delicious Family! by Autumn Stiles

Oh brave new world that has such people unite!

 This brave new world is not just the island inhabited by calypso’s and calibans, but by the people who have woven the fabric of this quaint cultural quilt, think and eclectic, warm and cradling.

Jersey City the most diverse city on the on the east coast and the second most diverse in the country.

Where I flourished no flickering flame, but a blazing torch fueled by the aroma of a thousand nations that hangs thick in the air.

Mother said “music slides over rain slicked roofs that know no prejudice, yet contain it.

But whatever prejudices contained within the walls stayed that way, hidden, drowned in maita suffocated in spring rolls.

Buried under beef patties, pummed under pirogues. Quelled with quenepas.

I did not struggle with race growing up, people actually made shit up, added some spice the their personal pots, to make themselves more exotic I swear, everyone had a little Dominican or quyanese in them, dique?

Yeah everybody had that one Indian or black cousin. No one counted to be a brand, flowerless we just wanted to be jersey city.

 A Delicious Family!

Autumn Stiles

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