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New Year Splash

new year splash * by Arthur T. Wilson

new year splash 2012

up from constricting sand pits covering destiny
up from frowning at past opportunities
from wrong turn hunches into midnight
up from meandering doubt huge as a herd of elephants
up from swinging backwards through trees
where broken branches & bitter cups of bitterness
are not released into forgiveness
up from the rot of stillness when one should have moved
up from moving too radically when one
should have been still to listen to trees
up from ages past when i just wouldn’t be myself
up from words planned as hiding places
rather than recovery sources of healing
up from the wilderness into the joy of love
a love that never abandons who you are
who you were
who you are always becoming
an embrace of grace into the middle of earthly
conundrums kicked in the ass
until nothing but love comes down
like a cool spring rain unexpected in winter time
oh just dance
January 1, 2012

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