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Who Am I

who am i * by Autumn Stiles

Who am I?

a falling vermilion leaf

in the gold gash of late

October dusk,

trembling with delight in the

snap and sigh,

of cool crisp

winds soaked in


Who am I?

Black coffee,

bitter and earthy, comforting

creator of conversation,

perfect after a meal.

 Who am I?

Twirling, dancing, prancing, gypsy, whirling, curling

in a flapper fringed dress guzzling

smoldering jazz and icy gin

nike high tops tap, tap, tap

their toes to classical, hiphop, reggae, the blues,  wait,

What am I?  Who am I? 

I am a musician, music knows no race.

All rights reserved
(c) Autumn Stiles
From the Denison University production
of I, Too, Sing America! (c) Dale Shields

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