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My Beloved America

my beloved america by Melony McGant

My Beloved America – Melony McGant

My Beloved America,

What Are You?
Where Is Our Cherished Democracy?

 Why have you allowed Deceitful Progress to come and steal our

Children’s Future?

America, you have sent away our jobs, robbed us of our life savings or homes and taken away our Privacy, our Right to Assemble, our Free Speech and Access to Airwaves.
America, you and Deceitful Progress have used the Nation’s Courts to create monopolies for Robber Barons to steal and control our Nation.
America, you have turned neighbor against neighbor and used technology to bicker and create new wars and prisons for profit when you should be Nurturing the Brilliance,
the Creativity and the Hope of Our Children.
Stop Lying America.
Almost 50 percent of this Nation is living in Poverty.
My Beloved America
There will be No Real Progress without Equity, Education, Integrity, Good Jobs and Respect for All the People of Our Nation!

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