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I Know Who I Am Not

i know who i am not. by Jessica Elsayed

Jessica Elsayed

Well, I know who I’m not.

I am not related to Alkeda


any terrorist group that have the same names as the gentle people I call family and friends like Osama, Ferek, Fatima and Thend.

Peace be upon them.

I am the follower of Muhammad, Peace be upon him and his message is mine.

I am not the mirror image of who you see on t.v with a gun.

I am not the daughter of bearded terrorist or crazy militia, radicals.

I am a food lover, broken and mended.

I am Jessica, and my name doesn’t fit my face wherever I go

Born in Cali, raised in Saudi and loved and learned at home I am my home.

The lone ancestor of Pharaohs of big red campus and under this wheat toned skin of mine runs the Nile.

 I am a waving glad of revolution.

But you don’t see me, you see a Vail, while in fact your eyes are vailed.

I am Jessica Theba Ibrahem Elsayed


unlike you, the definition


who I am


not done

(C) JESSICA ELSAYED – All Rights Reserved

(C) I, Too, Sing America – Denison University

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