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I Am What I’m Writing

i am what i’m writing * by Miwa Tsutsui

 I used to be something, but now I am nothing.             

I used to think I’m something,

But later it turned out that I’m nothing.

Before I came to the US, I thought there  as  something made me myself,

but once I came here and lost a language,

I became nothing.

  Who Am I?

I’m what I speak,

                                                                What I write.

I was made of language.

If language is gone, I’m nothing.

And I gradually  learned a language,             

All my language, I borrowed.             

I borrowed “totally” from my friend whose name is Maria.            

I borrowed “very true” from psychology student in California.

All parts of my language are made up  of these people  and as I speak, as I write,

I start to disappear.

                        Because I am what I’m speaking.             

I am what I’m writing.

I became so in this country. 

I, too, sing America.

I, too, am America.



All rights reserved
(c) Miwa Tsutsui
From the Denison University production
of I, Too, Sing America! (c) Dale Shields

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