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We Shall Be Heard

we shall be heard * by Conni Blair

When my course is charted

When my story is told

When I am revered

And have grown tired and old Tell no tales of my life

Let only truth toll the bell

Tell of my grace and my beauty

Tell how I rose and not fell

Tell of my mastering the language

Without being taught

Tell how when I was being shackeled

That I struggled and fought

Tell how alabaster skinned babies

Suckled nourishment from ebony breast

And how I stood erect in the cottonfield

Without hardly ever getting rest

And yet and still in that state

Caught the roving, evil eye Of the whip toting master

Although, vehemently, he denied

And still danced lightly through the meadow

And lay with my real soulmate

With a sensual, earthy countenance

And with God as the holder of my fate

Never write me off or count me out

For I am resilient and resolute

And my story is one of victory

And my voice is no longer mute

I Shall be Heard

I Shall Be Heard

We Shall Be Heard

  • © Conni Blair, All rights reserved.

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